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Ninja Sales Training from National Insurance Group

The key to a successful sale is sales training. How is the relationship between the client and agent? Did the agent struggle to close the deal or did the sale flow? What could have been done better? Staying on top of your sales game means being available for assistance during every stage of the buyer’s journey. This is especially true as a thriving independent insurance agency.

Sales training to grow business

Building a list of clientele is similar to nurturing any connection between brand and consumer. It’s the solid foundation that sets the groundwork for customer retention. When your sales team is armed with the tools they need to succeed, they can help your independent agency grow to new heights.

Excel with sales training and:

1. Build brand loyalty through strengthening knowledge and product awareness. This will improve credibility and highlight your sales teams as thought leaders in the insurance industry. They’ll be able to identify and remedy consumer pain points almost instantaneously. Providing better customer service means a buyer's journey with more shared experiences and higher retention rates.

2. Improve audience reach with a sales strategy that transcends the pitch.

Your audience reach grows from one happy customer to another. Your next happy customer could be a new business relationship and lead to a return on investment, unlike in previous years.

3. Be as versatile as the market via set sales training courses for your entire team. The insurance industry is one that is constantly undergoing changes that can directly affect how and how much you underwrite. To be a successful independent agency, you must learn to adjust to the market.

Implementing sales training in business operations benefits both the company and the consumer. You have a company complete with a knowledgeable team, your customers can rest assured that they are receiving the most up-to-date insurance information and competitive rates.

Hybrid sales training

A dual approach to sales training can be a great way to account for different learning styles within your sales team. Maybe you have a handful who pick up a new sales tactic in no time. There might be a few that need a refresher for a lesson to truly resonate. Combining virtual and in-person class sessions means that your team leaders will be able to build the sales training around your team as a whole.

Why is this hybrid sales training approach great for sales? A salesperson who can successfully learn a new sales tactic leads to a successfully closed sale and new customer sign-up. National Insurance Group offers a sales training course that enables your sales team to craft a path to success. Ninja Sales Training is sold in different membership levels to fit your team's needs—available in silver, gold, and platinum.

At each membership level, your team will be a step closer to increased sales as they learn to change their brain to change the game by adding value to the lives of their clients. Sales are about taking care of people throughout the entire buyer’s journey. It’s the difference between one-and-done or fostering a connection.

Take away

When your team changes the way they look at a sale, they change the way they sell. Finding common ground with clients lays the foundation for customer retention. Brand loyalty equates to positive praise and audience growth. Sales training helps your team to stay informed and aware of significant changes.

When you join our independent insurance agency alliance, better together doesn’t just stop at networking. It’s crossing new horizons, better sales training, and a higher closed deal to attempt ratio. It’s better all around.

Contact us today and bring Ninja Sales Training to a conference room near you.



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