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Health Insurance

Launched in 2009, HealthCompare is entirely focused on assisting individuals nationwide get enrolled in the right coverage for their needs and budget. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of National General Insurance as of 2017, HealthCompare works to support  Consumers in all 50 states - both those who are looking for individual and family insurance and those who are eligible for Medicare.

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HealthCompare can assist any customer who is looking for individual Medicare and non-Medicare insurance.


 In order to be considered qualified and compliant,  customers must submit their own contact information and request to be contacted via the link above.

submitted information. Now what?

Upon submission,  information is sent electronically to HealthCompare's database where a representative will receive it and place a call to the phone number given. Typically this will take place very quickly, within an hour or so. On peak days, like the last day to enroll during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), it may take a bit longer.

Can anyone call you ?

Absolutely! Customers can call HealthCompare directly at (844) 961-9561 to speak with a licensed benefit advisor. Be sure to remind your customers that they must identify you or your agency as the referring broker. - That is National Insurance Group!

What types of plans will HealthCompare offer ?

HealthCompare is contracted with more than 200 of the top national and regional carriers in all 50 states for both Medicare and non-Medicare individual and family products. 

View carriers by state: Medicare | Non-Medicare individual and family



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