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Agent tools from National Insurance Group

Digital insurance agent tools can turn tedious day-to-day tasks into money-making opportunities. With just a single click, your independent insurance agency can start generating more leads and resolving claims faster while streamlining manual processes. This will free up more time for your team to make connections and grow your insurance agency. Finding the right insurance agent tools to optimize your daily tasks is a great way to not only expand into new markets but also reach new customers.

Insurance agent tools can:

  • Save your agency valuable time by automating everyday tasks.

  • Grow your consumer base through additional communication methods.

  • Provide growth opportunities to help your agency increase sales.

  • Create agent flexibility so that your agency can adapt to a changing market.

  • Improve customer retention rates with high-quality customer support.

When your insurance agency is able to streamline tasks, you open up the floor to possibility. You are able to break into the digital space and outwrite your competitors. These 4 insurance agent tools are key to closing more deals and growing your agency beyond your expectations.

Agent Tool #1: eSignature Software

Electronic communications is a great way to speed up many processes, including writing new policies and resolving claims filed by your customers. Manual processes that once took days to coordinate and finalize can now be completed instantly. Implementing an eSignature tool—i.e. DocuSign or PandaDoc—allows your agency to serve customers with efficiency and accuracy.

Email marketing with National Insurance Group increases your ROI

Agent Tool #2: Email Marketing

This insurance agent tool is one of the simplest ways to establish two-way communication with your agency’s target market and generate new leads. Email marketing gives your agency the ability to simultaneously send emails to prospects and current customers by automating your messaging.

There are several email marketing tools available, some even offering free access to limited features like basic email templates, audience segmentation, and email scheduling. Applying an email marketing tool to your agency lets you notify your customers of important agency updates, request feedback to improve customer service, and encourage engagement through retargeting emails triggered by user actions. MailChimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot are just a few that are accessible to growing businesses.

Agent Tool #3: Social Media Marketing

Meeting your customers where they are is a no-brainer when it comes to fostering sustainable growth for your agency. Captive agents can rely on the marketing department of big box insurance agencies to help them reach customers. For independent agents, that task falls on the individual’s shoulders. This is where social media marketing tools come into play. Social media marketing tools allow you to create content at your own pace and automate postings across multiple social media platforms.

If you’re struggling to find time to create, or need help breaking into a new digital space, National Insurance Group offers social media marketing advice along with a full web audit for our members.

Agent Tool #4: Sales Training

The best way to avoid stagnant sales is to expose your agency to learning opportunities. Establishing a growth mindset through sales training creates flexibility in your salesmanship and enables you to adapt your sales approach to multiple markets. Our in-house sales training program, Ninja Sales Training, is the ultimate insurance agent tool. It’s taught by one of the top insurance agents in the industry, Charlie Downey, and is designed to support the sales growth of independent agencies.

Take away

Insurance agent tools expose your agency to numerous revenue-generating possibilities by automating manual tasks and expanding your audience reach. From leveraging social media platforms to streamlining digital communication, agent tools can help you close more deals and grow your agency.

Contact us today to learn about how you can gain exclusive access to our agent tools.



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